This is the homepage page for EDGE Design Client Zone (affectionally named Primus).

To get started please use the button on the right to Log in / access the dashboard.


To do’s - Create to do‘s and sort them via drag and drop. You can also assign users with a click of a button and attach files.

Kanban boards - Keep track of issues the agile way. After finishing working on an issue, move it to the review or completed column and assign them to a team member for check off. Simply assign users, attach files and comment on issues.

Take notes - Sometimes the simplest features are the most useful. Any project generates a lot of ideas and thoughts about goals, finances, marketing and more that require to collaborate on a text base. Simply write them down in a note with our easy to use front end editor.

Mobile Is King

Primus was designed mobile first. It works on your smartphone just as well as it does on your desktop, so you can even be productive on the go!

Mobile Version
introduction video